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Car Crushers 2 is a game made by Panwellz. in 2017. It is the sequel of the first game, Car Crushers. The game includes many different crushers that destroy vehicles in order for you to get cash, parts and other things to proceed to another better vehicle that is worth more to destroy. The game is no longer in beta and is now free to play.

Updates: Edit

Update 16a Changelog - 11/05/2019 Edit

- Increased the firerate of the MK. II Crusader, Panzer III Ausf. N and WDZ 130

- Fixed vehicles not being able to transfer the bomb in Bomb Tag

- Fixed the black hole crusher dragging people in the control room walkway

- Fixed the laser grid doors being blocked by metal walls

- Fixed the spinner pit turning invisible when you fell to the bottom

- Added a truck horn to the cement truck

- Added a possible fix for the camera sometimes clipping behind tank turrets

- Fixed the booster/tank button appearing over notifications in the facility

Update 16 Changelog - 11/02/2019 Edit

- Added mechanical player doors in all crushers for easy control room access - Added PVP setting in the facility - Added new derby gamemode: Tank Battle

- Added new derby map: Bridge

- Added 3 new vehicles: Vartrac Cement Truck, Lykan Hypersport & BAC Mono

- Remade 6 old vehicles (Marked with New label)

- Improved collision pushing when you crash into another vehicle

- Head titles are now hidden when you sit in a vehicle

- Fixed a bug that caused juggernauts to be way too weak after the latest update

Links: Edit

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Derby mode

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